Sunday, December 25, 2011

The War on New Year's

We used to say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."  The phrase has been immortalized in song.  We send greeting cards with this message.

Then we got lazy and started saying "Happy Holidays."  A two word catch-all greeting was much less of a mouthful than the six-word greeting that covered the whole holiday season.

And that worked for quite some time.  Many years.  Our hustle-bustle lifestyle fit with our holiday spirit just fine.  We could do Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving, then come home and eat leftover turkey.  On the day after Christmas we'd be back at the mall, shopping the sales in the same spirit as "Black Friday."  Then by New Year's Eve we'd be ready for a party that didn't include eating too much or giving gifts that people don't really need.  Just pure partying.  No baggage.

And then the next day we could start thinking about Valentine's Day.

But then certain people got concerned that our abbreviated greeting was giving short shrift to Christ's birthday.  After all, without Christ there would be no holiday season.  They don't celebrate all those holidays.  They just celebrate one, but they start it on Thanksgiving and finish up sometime after January 1.   So they took offense at the suggestion that there was more than one holiday in the "season."

It's bad enough that Thanksgiving gets the smack-down when it is clearly part of the Christmas season now, but New Year's is no longer recognized either.  These people want us to say "Merry Christmas" without adding "and Happy New Year."  They are rewriting history, claiming that "Merry Christmas is all that was ever said.

New Year's Eve used to be about getting drunk, kissing strangers, and waking up with a horrible hangover.  Now it's not even its own holiday anymore.  If it's a holiday at all, it's part of the endless marathon of Christmassing that starts just before Thanksgiving.  It's not about getting drunk and waking up in a fog the next day.  Now it's about organizing your shit into color coded Rubbermaid bins and making impossible resolutions.

But some of us know better, and it's up to us to stand up for what's Right and True.  If you know any sanctimonious Christians who claim that "Christ is the reason for the season," walk right up to them from December 26 through January 1, and say "HAPPY NEW YEAR."


krissthesexyatheist said...

I'll probably get drunk (in a safe environ) but I don't have plans yet. I thinkj were so "lazy American" is the reason it shortened.


I'm pro Valentines Day if I have a g-friend, but usually not so I think it's totally stupid most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is slowly absorbing more and more of the end of the year, like a dry sponge left in water. how can we tame this beast, I'm all for giving a gift or two, sending some cards, giving a few phone calls but why must I suffer through months and months of reminders that its coming. its not even really a christian holiday, there were many different cultures that celebrated the winter festival time. the calendar at the time of christ doesnt even coincide with it right, apparently their calendar would put place our december 25th as january 6th at the time of christ. this makes very little sense, hell even one person stated they believe christ was born mid year near the end of august so since they actually meant conception not actual birth shouldn't the nativity scene show god punching mary in the womb to implant her with jesus instead?

L.Long said...

I celebrated Xmas by painting the interior of my new home and will continue this 'celebration' thru the new year.
So for all you out there have a happy Xmas and a merry new year!!!

Oh Well back to dripping paint on my head.

Mikel said...

When I was growing up, "Happy Holidays" meant Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. It amuses me a bit to see how some people act like it is a slight against Christmas because it can now include holidays that are not *their* holidays. So silly...